Our Vision

EOM’s vision is to simply help and serve you meeting you exactly where you are. Providing ancient health & wellness modalities and products including yoga, meditation, and nutrition to support the attainment of a healthy life. We have translated ancient Eastern traditions and methods to fold seamlessly into your Western lifestyle creating a physical, emotional and spiritual path for balanced living. We intend to dramatically improve the experience of the world within and around you.

Our Culture

Our culture derives from two questions: “How can we help? How can we serve?” Forward-looking and progressive, EOM supports change, innovation, and human advancement. We are committed to social improvement and believe the good of the whole begins with each human making conscious choices on an individual level. We desire for each person to realize and express their uniqueness and creativity. Ayurveda is at the core of Elemental OM. A preventative holistic practice originating in India, Ayurevda is a 5,000 year old lifestyle based in meditation, yoga, nutrition, and much more.

We make learning this practice simple and fun with our signature Elemental Cleanse. Through Ayurveda, you’ll learn about your direct link to nature and the unique elements composing your mind and body type. After identifying your mind and body type, you will learn personalized tools, practices, and routines you can use to infuse your life with more passion, peace, and joy.


Elemental OM is proud to serve an ever expanding community of diverse yogis.  Our expanded corporate services allow us to come to you and we serve many corporations in Cincinnati providing consistent, professional, and high quality education.  We are happy to come to your schools and your community centers.  Just reach out to us and we will craft a program perfect for your organization.

We offer a variety of yoga to meet the needs of our diverse and growing community.  Our laid back and non obsessive style attracts many who are new to yoga, aging, recovering from physical situations, seeking emotional support, and spiritual healing.

Pamela Quinn, founder of EOM & author

I am most passionate about teaching people how to embrace the Yogic Lifestyle. I guess that’s why I love meditation and  Ayurveda so much.  I can do the following when you come to me suffering:

  • Offer Herbal Therapy
  • Offer Nutritional Counseling
  • Offer Lifestyle Routines
  • Offer Kundalini Kriyas specific to your imbalance
  • Offer Meditations specific to your imbalance.

This is a complete and tailored alternative healthcare package.  I’m proud to have worked with many suffering from anxiety, depression, inflammatory conditions, low immunity, cancer, and much more.

I’m looking forward to helping and serving you.
Peace, Pamela

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New to Yoga?

If you have never been to yoga, are suffering from illness or injury, or crave a more gentle practice, this is your class. You will learn Yogic philosophy and the yogic lifestyle. Elemental OM has the unique ability to cater to those who are aging and just getting back in shape.  You can do yoga.

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Our Team

The Elemental OM Teaching Team is comprised of Cincinnati’s finest yoga teachers.  They are dedicated, loving, and passionate about helping and serving.  Each teacher brings their own special style to the studio.  You will have fun and feel loved.

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A Few Testimonials

Emili Day

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

If anyone is interested at all in Yoga Teacher Training, this is the absolute best and most amazing place to do it! You will learn more than yoga and more than teaching. You will learn about yourself mind, body and soul. Ill never be the same and would never go back to living the way I did before I took this training!

~ Emili Day

April L.

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

This training healed and changed my life in the most profound ways. There is no greater gift you could receive than this 1 year immersive experience- give your sundays back to yourself in the most magic space with the most incredibly gifted teacher. Don’t want to teach yoga? That’s totally fine, many people take this training to grow their personal practice and end suffering💚🙏🏼 

~ April L.

Sheila W.

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Program

I loved the Hatha Teacher Training so much that I had to sign up for Kundalini Teacher Training 😍
Cannot wait to start – Kundalini is my absolute favorite ❤️❤️ 

~ Sheila W.

Dona Sarno

Our 75 Year Young Super Yogini

My experience with elementalom is one of gratitude love and deep appreciation for all the beautiful souls who have touched my life that is enhanced bye all the amazing yoga teachers and yogis that I have met over the years at elementalom thank you thank you for your continued dedication to serve.

~ Dona Sarno

Balance and Lightness

The Meditation Course, Establish Your Seat,  was a wonderful and rich experience, full of learning, practicing, stumbling and balancing. Thank you for your teachings, I learned so much and I truly enjoyed your program. I also plan on solidifying my gains and insights during this whole year and in the future. There is much more balance and lightness in my life and I owe it to you! Thank you again, Valerie Wevers

~ Balance and Lightness

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Teacher Training & Corporate Outreach

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Teacher Training for 200 RYT, Kundalini & Ayurveda. All Corporate Consultations.

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