June 10th Video Message…oil for the hair


  If you shop for Healthy Hair Oil through our affiliate link below, EOM receives a 20% commission!  Also sold in our studios. LINK Did you know Jaisha is available in the Montgomery studio on thursdays after 3 pm to do readings?  learn more

Selenite and Angels with Patti Kessler


The following quick video shows you how to use Selenite to clear your aura and has a discussion of Angels! Register for Tea Register for Angel Academy

I’m in a Pickle! Cleanse for FREE


  Sign up and pay cause you were already going to do so.  CLICK HERE Send an email saying you want to sit through for FREE in support of our Cleanser.  Make the total commitment to be there all 4 weeks.  Sunday, May 31, 9:30 – 12:30 pm. Symmes Studio, 11928 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, Ohio Read more…

May 26th Video Message for EOM Yogis


Come to India!! Our planning meeting is May 31 at 1 pm in Symmes.  We are not going until October of 2016 so you do have time to plan and save.  Trip of a lifetime with like-minded individuals and your new best friends! WORKSHOPS & EVENTS   This Friday!  Vino & Vinyasa

Memorial Weekend Message


Yogis,  Enjoy this 4 minute video!  Call 513.315.5042 or email me at pamela@elementalom.com with questions. Modified Class Schedule for Memorial Weekend!   Slight changes on Sunday and only a SPECIAL class with Lynn at 9 am in SYmmes on Monday!  See Below    

Sleep Soundly


You will LOVE I Sleep Soundy. Click through here and it takes you through our affiliate link where EOM earns a 20% commission!  It costs you nothing and supports your yoga studio.  CLICK (and is sold in the studio of course!)  

How To Make Your Mama Shine With The Power of the Sun


Yogis,  below is a quick video of thoughts and upcoming activities for mama mama mama.  It’s time to celebrate the divine feminine that brought you through.  Scroll below for a beautiful poem to include in your card. 20% off all in store purchases of products Just $222 to buy 4/classes/month for 6 months for your Read more…

I Didn’t Say Shit


I don’t know when I started cussing, but I’m 46 now and would assume my mouth went to potty around the age of 12 when most humans seem to rebel.  That’s 34 years of navigating the underworld of language.  Needless to say, I’m quite proficient and often poetic in my flowery use of the dirty. Read more…

Cold Depression, What is it?


Cold depression was called the “silence of the soul” by Yogi Bhajan.  It’s when you become numb to yourself and are not even aware of your non feeling state.  You feel separated from your soul and cannot feel the vital life force energy moving through you.  Do you ever feel separated or like you don’t Read more…

The Disease of Time


In November of 2014 I went on a retreat with Guru Dharam to study and explore the dream world.  It is now April of 2015  and this is the first time I’m writing about it.  It has taken me this long, and will probably take much longer for me to digest the experience of navigating Read more…