Sick of getting more of the same?


I found myself in conversation about Kundalini the other day. If you are new to the term as well, Kundalini is the manifest energy of creation. According to some yoga traditions, it lies dormant in the base of the spine coiled up like a serpent in three coils. Each coil represents a quality of perception Read more…

What is Love…Like This


So Valentine’s is upon us and February is the month of friendship, love and peace.  It’s the month of Pisces triggering our longing for connection to the divine and to others.  Preparing for my new Meditation Course, Establish Your Seat, I was looking for a love letter by Rumi to God because one of first Read more…

Abi Yogini….Laura Granado


I have been wanting to write a little something about Yoga. There are a million blogs out there, thousands of articles, books, magazines, videos…you name it. And truly the majority of them are similar. They all encourage a daily practice for your well being. This might not be too different. But it is more of Read more…

21 Stages of Meditation, Week 2…Boredom Homework


Yogis, I am cracking up uploading hOMework that is boring!  Not so boring though. Week 2, boredom, handout Some of you couldn’t find the book.  Here it is!

Yoga Teacher Training & Ayurvedic Pet Care


Short video to discuss our teacher training program and what to do for your doggies with arthritis. learn more about teacher training

7 Day Spiritual Cleanse


Yogis,  this is all the information in one place for the 7 day Ayurvedic Spiritual Cleanse our Yoga Teachers in Trainings are experiencing right now.  Join in the fun.  Watch Videos posted to Facebook and my blog Download Self Assessment Sheet to keep you on track Video of Meditation Practice Order Triphala and Neem from Read more…

Restorative Yoga Does Not Work


This appears to be  an odd way to begin a blog after teaching Restorative yoga for four years.  I started teaching this style of yoga in 2012, teaching my students the benefits of restoration. Each week returning to the same basic principles:   find stillness, use the props to be comfortable, pay attention to your breathe and body Read more…

Contemplation to Prepare for 2016


Yogis,  I prepared the following contemplation based in the Yoga Sutras for the Aquarian Age.  I hope you find it helpful. Find some time to be pensive this week or on New Year’s Eve and make a plan for 2016.  Yogis live in the moment with one foot poised in the future.   You can Read more…

Tibet & The Chinese, An Inspired Exploration Post by Sandy Kingsley


Preface: I wrote this while traveling in Tibet and China in August/September 2015. Since both Facebook and Google are blocked in China, I had no way to post it anywhere. So, while we are several months past the time in question – the 50th “celebration” of the “Tibetan Autonomous Region” in September 2015 – this Read more…

Best ways to overcome jet lag and make the most of your travel in any country


Guest Blogger Sandy Kingsley is the owner of Inspired Exploration Learn about our Adventure to India planned for October 2016 led by Sandy Kingsley Memories of arriving in Delhi for my first time are a little blurry. I originated in Denver and arrived in Delhi a day and a half later, flying in coach, alone as Read more…