How it works


3 days

Plan to spend 1 – 3 days in the Getting Started Module. You will want to organize your calendar to prepare for the 28-day experience.


7 Days

Week 1 establishes a meditation and movement practice, embraces new routines for eating and sleeping, releases the past, and begins the shift away from habits. The food is easy this week.


7 Days

During Week 2 gets deep into food learning what food is and what it is not. You will be empowered to embrace pure foods, thoughts, and emotions. The process of manifestation begins this week.


7 Days

During Week 3 you are feeling spectacular. The mind has settled, weight is shifting, and your skin has cleared. This is a week of uplifting food and grounded emotional practices including connecting to your life’s purpose.


7 Days

Week 4 is all about you. Rest, relax, and rejuvenate. The food is simple, wholesome, and easy on the digestive system. This week we get mythical and connect to heart’s desires.


For Life

Now that your Cleanse has finished, empower yourself with the understanding of how to eat and live for your unique body and mind type to maintain a life of balance.

“Health is feeling vibrant, and enthusiastic.
It is loving life.”

What You Receive

Unlimited access to the Elemental Cleanse.  Year after year you can log back on and enjoy an annual Cleanse.

Unlimited access to the community forum where you can make friends and share stories, experiences, and recipes.

Daily email support from Pamela Quinn, the program’s creator, to motivate and support you during your Cleanse.

If you live in the Greater Cincinnati area, a 30-day unlimited yoga pass is always included with your purchase. This pass is valid at both studio locations.

World Class Support

You are supported through our Community Forum where you have access to other Cleansers, former Cleansers, Pamela Quinn, and our team of Certified Elemental OM Holistic Coaches. If you need one on one coaching services, we are here for you. You success and happiness are important to us. We are here to help and serve you.


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Why I created the Elemental Cleanse.

The Elemental Cleanse was created by Pamela Quinn,

Ayurvedic Specialist, Yoga Teacher, Social Entrepreneur, and Life Coach.

Through the Elemental Cleanse, you have the opportunity to reclaim your natural health and vitality and live in a joyful state of balance. You will be empowered to eliminate and release deeply rooted issues and hidden blockages and replace them with more nourishing habits to support a healthy lifestyle and happy and purposeful life.

  • If you need to lose weight, you will. You will do this effortlessly as this is simply a side effect of coming back to balance.
  • You will de-stress, de-clutter and get centered with a greater sense of peace and clarity than ever before.
  • Your eyes and skin will brighten. You will sparkle from the inside out.
  • You will view life through a fresh lens. You feel and see things differently, reacting from the heart and not the ego.
  • You will learn to honor your body and nourish it with food choices tailored to your personalized needs making you feelmore energized and revitalized.
  • You will connect deeply with your soul and life purpose and through this begin to manifest what you desire.

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Success Stories

Listen to What our Clients are Saying!

Lisa T.

“I love The Cleanse. I consider myself a little bit of a Cleanse junkie. Why? because I enjoy the discipline and structure, I love the clean, pure feeling of putting good food inside of me, I cherish my morning hours of yoga and meditation, and I love to quiet my life… turning off my radio and electronics, being mindful throughout my day.”

~ Lisa T.

Mary Beth O.

“I am 55 years old and have always taken self improvement seriously. The Elemental Cleanse™ is the best thing I have ever done for myself. It truly embodies the concept of holistic care.“

~ Mary Beth O.

Teresa Wagers, Certified Wellness Coach

“I would highly recommend the Cleanse for anyone who is interested in changing their life! It is a cleanse for body, mind, and spirit. I love the weight loss also… 8 lbs in 4 weeks.”

~ Teresa Wagers, Certified Wellness Coach

Dr. Patricia David

“Knowledge really IS power — and this program is truly different because doesn’t just put a Band-Aid on your health problems. Instead, the Elemental Cleanse helps you get to the root of your issues so that you can finally make a real change in the health of your body and mind.”

~ Dr. Patricia David

Jennifer Leen

“The Cleanse is an amazing experience. It can change your life in ways you weren’t anticipating. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to feel better. “

~ Jennifer Leen

Dionne Butler

“The physical results were incredible! I lost 10 pounds and can now fit into jeans that I haven’t been able to wear since 2008. Felt so good to be able to put those on, button them and strut around comfortably!”

~ Dionne Butler


“I started to feel the positive impact that the Elemental Cleanse can have on one’s life. I lost a few pounds, shed a bit of anxiousness and took the time to really self evaluate. I think the Elemental Cleanse can give everyone a jump start in the right direction.”

~ Jeff

Pamela Yeager

“The Cleanse was everything Pam said it would be and so much more. I have known what to do to be healthy, but I am doing it. I am taking the time to take care of myself .”

~ Pamela Yeager

Frequently Asked Questons

How much experience do I need with yoga and meditation to get the benefits of the Elemental Cleanse?

Prior experience with yoga and meditation is not required to successfully cleanse. The Elemental Cleanse was designed to be the perfect starting place for people who want to learn how to practice Ayurveda, yoga and meditation and to see the benefits manifest on multiple levels. Within the Elemental Cleanse experience are guided yoga and meditation practices. These practices are appropriate for all levels including those who have never experienced yoga or meditation.

I’ve tried detoxes before. How is the Elemental Cleanse different?

Other cleansing or detox programs are typically dependent on supplements, drinks, shakes or involve unsustainable practices of restrictive dieting and excessive exercise. The Elemental Cleanse is something altogether different because it facilitates long-term lifestyle shifts that address the root cause of the imbalance that caused your excess weight gain, disease, stress, fatigue or lack of joy. The herbs and oils used as part of the Cleanse are a beneficial assist to your digestion, but are not the primary modality to facilitate healing. The Cleanse is designed to utilize your body and mind’s natural mechanism for healing to release.

Why is access to the Elemental Cleanse course limited to 4 months?

The Elemental Cleanse is a 28-day program. You are highly encouraged to begin the program and see it through to the end to receive the most benefit from your participation in the program. You are granted access for three additional months to offer flexibility in the event that (1) you begin the program and realize that you may need a couple of weeks to get organized and (2) you finish the program and realize you would like to go back through and deepen your education to empower you to cleanse on your own in the future.

Does the program include supplements and shakes?

A successful Elemental Cleanse is not dependent upon herbs, supplements, or shakes. In fact, you are encouraged to allow your body to simply use it’s own natural resources to Cleanse. An Elemental Cleansing kit is recommended for most people and can be purchased separately from Banyan Botanical. Pamela is proud to be an ambassador for this Ayurvedic herbal company. Learn more

I am recovering from an illness or injury. Is it safe for me to do the Elemental Cleanse?

The Elemental Cleanse is designed to facilitate and complement holistic healing from illness and injury. Ayurveda is an accepted, well-known preventative holistic medicine in the West. Ayurveda embraces Western medicine and technology. If you are suffering from illness, Ayurveda is a beautiful complement to the advice and care of your physician. It is always recommended that you consult with your physician when feeling physically or emotionally ill and before undertaking a physical practice such as yoga.

The information obtained from participation in the Elemental Cleanse course is not to be substituted for the advice and treatment of a physician or other licensed healthcare professional.

I don’t want to lose weight. Would I receive any benefits from the Elemental Cleanse?

Many people who do not need to lose weight participate in the Cleanse. Weight loss is simply a side effect of the body coming back to a natural state of balance. If you do not need to lose weight, you will follow the modifications to the Cleanse including snacking, eating larger portions and favoring heavier and denser foods.

The Elemental Cleanse was designed to bring your body and mind back into balance naturally. Weight gain is but one way in which imbalance manifests in our body and mind.

28 Days to a Healthy Body, Calm Mind and Awakened Spirit.

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