October 11, 2017
The Mind if Fast, The World Is Slow

I woke up today anxious.  There was an overwhelming sense of dread as if something horrific had happened while I slept. I resisted the urge to look at the news on my smartphone. I resisted the urge to check in on Facebook. Instead I read a book about cancer on my ipad.

October 3, 2017
So Yesterday Sucked

Again. It just seems the same story plays out over and over in some surreal turning of the wheel of fate. You can’t help but to wonder about the build up of energy behind this wheel and what force it takes to stop it turning.

September 20, 2017
The Basics of Ayurveda

As far as food goes, just eat food.  That means an elimination of caffeine, alcohol, processed foods, sugar, and excessive meat.

September 6, 2017
Aunt Barb De Friended Me…I think…

I fear Aunt Barb has de-friended me. I haven’t seen her posts for quite some time. I’m too afraid to check because I don’t want the reality of it to set in.

August 14, 2017
Nonviolence…What Is A Yogi To Do?

There appears to be a deep-seated misunderstanding in the yoga community about Non Violence or what we call Ahimsa. Ahimsa is one of the yamas or the personal code s of conduct for yogis. There […]

July 27, 2017
You Are Disturbing Me

The Gurus have predicted as we continue our shift to the Age of Aquarius we will see endemic Anxiety, Depression, and Suicide. The World Health Organization agrees and predicts by 2020, depression will be the […]

July 14, 2017
Corporate Wellness Brainstorm

This is a brainstorm I had when trying to envision a mindful corporate wellness program from an organization.  It never went anywhere, but many of the ideas are good.  Perhaps if you are in HR […]

May 18, 2017
To The Mommas of All the Graduates

I ran into a woman I know from my children’s school system at Krogers today. Her son is graduating this weekend and I congratulated her on his success. I asked if it was her first. […]

April 4, 2017
Grief, Dogs & Yoga

My dog, Cheddar,  died on Monday, March 27th, 2017 as the new moon approached it’s zenith.  Oh…wtf…it was a new moon but I don’t know where it was on it’s journey because on my journey […]

March 16, 2017
Sometimes Change is What You Need

This blog is from our very own, Sandy Kingsley and I can’t agree with her more. My aging body has gotten so used to it’s usual moves I find changing up my physical practice keeps me strong and the confusion in the my body keeps all the muscles firing. Please enjoy and visit Sandy on Tuesdays in Symmes at 6:30 pm.

March 8, 2017
Body Shaming…Is It Really Okay To Be Overweight?

March 7, 2017
Menopausal Weight Gain and Foods to Avoid

I have your menopausal routine and diet. It sucks and I’m sorry for that, but you either have to follow it or you have to learn to live with the new tire around your waist.

March 2, 2017
Pantry Moths

The common pantry moth is also known as the Indian Mealmoth.  Plodia interpunctella.  Plodding along and interrupting with great punctuality.  Feasting on grains, sugar, dried fruit, and nuts. Sigh.   I have pantry moths.  Not […]

Corporate Wellness
November 10, 2016
No Mud, No Lotus…A Yogic Perspective On Our New Political Climate

Our Elemental OM tribe, if you can imagine, leans to the left and loves the color green so the last couple of days at the studio have been interesting.

June 29, 2016
Reflections on an Idealized Yard from 1980 something… Meditation to remember

I grew up in Pickerington, Ohio just east of Columbus, Ohio. I put it around 1977 – 1987. Moving to Pickerington was a big deal for my family because we bought a 2 story home and 1 acre of land.

June 24, 2016
When Death Hits You…Chanting For Those Who Pass

My Journey through “642 Things To Write About Me” continues and today’s random flip has taken me to: Whose death in your life hit you hardest, and how did you cope with the situation over the […]

The Kapha Lifestyle Ecourse
June 23, 2016
Shamanic Naked Watusi…Never Again (Meditation to get you out of a situation)

My Journey through “642 Things To Write About Me” continues and today’s random flip has taken me to: Describe something “spiritual” you already know you’ll never do again, no matter how long you live.  I’ve added the […]

June 22, 2016
Spiritual Hypocrisy… Meditative Cure

I bought a cute journal called “642 Things To Write About Me” and have decided to approach it from the perspective of being a yogi and share.  A random flip started me with the following: […]