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Believe it or not, most people searching for a Yoga Teacher Training program are not actually intending to teach yoga. Most are looking for an in depth and transformative experience in a held and sacred environment spending time with like minded individuals.

That is exactly what Elemental OM School is and you will be shocked by the end of your training you actually love educating and empowering others.

  • Spend 2017/18 healing on a physical and emotional level.
  • Embrace a rewarding personal Spiritual practice just right for you.
  • Cultivate a rich understanding of the ancient and proven philosophies of Yoga, Ayurveda, & Tantra to reduce stress, increase happiness, and extend longevity.
  • Embrace a yogic path and share your passion helping and serving others.
  • Create lasting and deep friendships.
  • Learn to teach, teach to learn

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training and Ayurvedic Educator

Certify as a 200 hour registered yoga teacher in accordance with Yoga Alliance and  a holistic health educator specializing in Ayurveda.  This 12-month program begins in August, 2017.

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Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training & Holistic Health Educator

“It’s been a dream of mine to share the teachings of Kundalini in a more meaningful way.  There is a tremendous immediate need to have Kundalini yoga teachers helping others due to the chaotic shift we are in as we propel through this first 30 years of our entrance to the Age of Aquarius. In fact the World Health Organization has predicted by 2020, depression will be the leading cause of disease for the world.  Already, anxiety, stress, and lack of meaning are taking their toll on billions.  My vision is to have a team of teachers empowered to teach and teaching Kundalini yoga in Cincinnati.”

~ Pamela Quinn

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Our meditation certification program is under construction.
Please call or email Pamela if interested to learn more about this upcoming offering.

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Let’s have tea!

“We are going to be spending a year of our lives together.  I’m happy to host regularly scheduled open houses to introduce you to our training programs, but what I really love to do is meet you for tea and get to know you a bit.  Let’s schedule something and then I can answer your questions in a the most intimate setting.  Otherwise, look for our open houses or grab me after class.”

From Pamela.

Please email or call Pamela Quinn.

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Studio Manager & Assistant to Pamela Quinn

Rachel Clifton - 513.502.9282 elementalomstudios@gmail.com

Studio Questions, Membership Questions, Press & Media, and to schedule appointments with Pamela Quinn.

Teacher Training & Corporate Outreach

Pamela Quinn - 513.315.5042

Teacher Training for 200 RYT, Kundalini & Ayurveda. All Corporate Consultations.

Meridian Tapping Practitioner

Michelle Lagaly - 513.265.4807

Creator & Facilitator of Develop Your Psychic & Intuitive Abilities