The Class of 2017/18 will begin on the new moon of Fall Equinox, September 20th.

It’s been a dream of mine to share the teachings of Kundalini in a more meaningful way. There is a tremendous immediate need to have Kundalini yoga teachers helping others due to the chaotic shift we are in as we propel through this first 30 years of our entrance to the Age of Aquarius. In fact the World Health Organization has predicted by 2020, depression will be the leading cause of disease for the world. Already, anxiety, stress, and lack of meaning are taking their toll on billions. My vision is to have a team of teachers empowered to teach and teaching Kundalini yoga in Cincinnati. ~ Pamela

No previous experience of Kundalini, Cleansing, or Ayurveda is necessary.
We will meet every Wednesday in the Symmes studio from around 6 pm until around 10 pm.  Holidays are taken into consideration and you may miss an additional 4 classes of your choosing (although you are not going to want to!)
Please peruse our downloadable pdfs to learn more about our offering, the proposed Agenda, and payment options. I am happy to meet you for tea. Just email or call 513.315.5042 and we can get together. OM, Pamela

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Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training 2017/18 PDF and Application
Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training 2017/18 Application Only
Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training 2017/18 Proposed Agenda

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Optional Retreat

Thursday, October 26 – Saturday, October 28th
Hocking Hills, 202 private acres of hiking, 15 minutes from caves Bourbon Ridge Lodge, Additional $200 paid in check by September 20th. We intend to break 18 of us into groups to prepare 2 dinners and 2 lunches. Breakfast will be light granola, etc. Additional minimal cost to this.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need to miss a class?

You may miss no more than 15% of the yoga requirements as dictated by Yoga Alliance. That equals 4 total classes. We have accounted for holidays. If you must miss any part of the Yoga Teacher Certification Classes, you will be given the opportunity at additional cost to participate in additional workshops and events to either supplement your education or “make-up” for missed time.

Are there any other costs?

Each student is responsible for securing a yoga mat, props, and recommended reading materials. You will be offered to purchased Manduka yoga gear at a 40% discount as well as Auskin Sheepskin rugs at a 30% discount. There is an optional retreat of an additional cost of $200 Thursday, October 26 – Saturday, October 28th in Hocking Hills at Bourbon Hill Lodge. Additionally, snacks will be assigned throughout the training and 1 meal will be prepared in groups of 3 for the optional retreat.

What if I have to leave the program? Is there a refund?

There are no refunds if you need to drop out of the program for any reason . The initial deposit of $575 is non-refundable to secure your space.

Are there payment plan options?

There is a 1- month payment plan option. You may create your own payment plan of 2, 3, or 6 payments. Let us know.

What if I don’t want to teach Kundalini or Ayurveda?

The program was created to be in alignment with the requirements of Yoga Alliance and suggestions of NAMA for credentialing as a 200RYT and Elemental OM Holistic Health Educator. Many of our graduates are teaching yoga and coaching others. Many are not. Participants can use the experience to conquer less favorable habits and detrimental thinking, to explore spirituality and establish a personal and meaningful relationship with spirit, and to self-study. Pamela’s goal for the program is to inspire you to share the teachings of Kundalini and Ayurveda.

Will there be a lot of work outside the classroom?

It is expected that teachers in training will establish a daily personal home practice that includes a routine, meditation and yoga. In accordance with Yoga Alliance, you will be expected to attend 20 yoga classes and keep a log of attendance as well as practice teach or assist at 2 additional classes. There will be “OM” work (homework) and required reading. If you are not already certified in yoga, you will have additional work.

Why have you chosen NOT to be a KRI certified Program ?

My personal Kundalini story I’ll save for teacher training. I was inspired to do Kundalini Teacher Training by my first Kundalini Teacher. She now only teaches teachers and not regulars so… I do not have access to her. I chose to do a KRI certified program in Rishikesh, India in 2013 because I honestly didn’t even know there was another way. It was a 28-day immersion and upon my return I felt lost and unsupported as I reentered the world. Kundalini is powerful and magical energy and needs to be taught in a community environment with a teacher who is your Guru (this means Friend, No More. No less.) While having access to famous and amazing teachers was, well, amazing, I didn’t have any guidance to learn how to move the energy or live with the energy as a householder. I didn’t have access to these teachers post training and the trainings are quick and intense. I embraced Kundalini, I rejected Kundalini…It was a teeter totter. I love it. I hate it. I needed a community. I needed a teacher who was there for me.

I went on to study Kundalini Dream Yoga and experience Sat Nam Rasayan. From each of these seasoned teachers was the story of Yogi Bhajan’s intentions for revealing these secret teachings. His intentions were not to create a big organization for certifying teachers, but to teach what he knew and encourage others to teach it. It’s really that simple.

There are certain things about Kundalini I find provocative. I don’t like the turban although I enjoy covering my head for meditation with a scarf. Sometimes I get a vibe from Kundalini teachers that makes me feel like the other forms of yoga I also love are less than and I really love Hatha yoga too. Some Hatha teachers had aversion to Kundalini. It can feel like joining a tribe of exclusivity of that which is inherently inclusive. I don’t love a patriarchy and don’t want my yoga to be or feel like a religion. I also revolt against any fear based approach to teaching yoga. It’s just not what we need for the already turbulent times we live in. And I’ve had a realization and we can talk about that in person.

I love the Kundalini Ayurvedic Cleansing processes and understand as a teacher not to let you be mired in your stuff and how to teach YOU to move through it. I want to share all of this with you. I will honor the teachings as will you because there is great love there. Honestly, the teachings work so why re-invent the wheel. All the obstacles have gone away and Guru’s grace flows.

Mostly, really, these teachings need to get out there. I have worked in groups and one on one coaching and I see what happens when we implement Kundalini. It heals. It transforms. I have 2 studios and have had an impossible time getting and keeping Kundalini teachers. And the demand is HUGE. People love it. They feel it. They need it. We also have had a real struggle developing a Kundalini community. There are very few teachers actually teaching and the community doesn’t exist. I want to be part of a community. There is great work to be done and I want to create a team to do it. I hope this is helpful .

Sat Nam ~ Pamela

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